Made In - Single


A woman with the word like dagger

Flush includes this new single called "Made In" in collaboration with the poet and singer Paz Balpreda and his project Suena con Paz, where mystery, sensuality, frivolity, sex and love intersect, from a critical look at the key poetics. Paz Balpreda tells: In "Made In" I am a woman who sings to an awake spectator, I carry the lyric in front, as well as I carry my life, without tapujo although the crudest and the purest thing crosses my body ". a single that breaks the rules of the genres, all the attention is focused on the trays and the edge of the word.

A Painful Choice - Single


Sometimes i look for the answer

In "A Painful Choice" two primordial elements are produced in friction: love and death. Its link is none other than madness, a plastic mediator that mutates in the form of a relationship that opens with an ecstatic moment: a kiss as an implicit pact of toxicity. The director Andrés Borghi puts into play creatures, blood transfusions and a kind of clinic of the 30s where the fall of love, the mental coma and the grimace of pain are transmitted through the voice of Jon Others in the form of a tear. The author takes this song to the viewer the corridors of a relationship that is a limit, the experience of death while the erotic tends to its absolute realization, that is, the end.

Flush Album


Limited Edition CD - First Edition

Emmanuel Bravo with his project Yabloko Moloko returns to the ring with his third studio album: Flush, which is now available in physical and digital format. This album has a powerful sound and combines different aspects of electronic music with a retro glam style. It includes the participation of guest artists such as the poet and singer Paz Balpreda and her project Suena Con Paz in the singles "Luvage" and "Made In", where mystery, sensuality, frivolity, sex and love intersect, from a critical look in a poetic key. As in "A Painful Choice," the singer and writer Juan Otero a.k.a Jon Other develops a story where chaos, melodic dissonance, death and the decision to live seize a mind to the limit. He also mentions the collaboration of Bernardo Casagrande in the saxophone and on audiovisual production, the special participation of the film director Andrés Borghi. Flush has 10 singles that have Yabloko Moloko as the protagonist of a musical concept that incites to be discovered by his audience.

#electroswing #jazz #vintage

Boulevard Album


Limited Edition CD - First Edition

This album is officially Yabloko Moloko's first album. It was published in 2011 as Emmanuel Bravo. After a few years in the studio, Emmanuel returns to the scene in 2019 with a new musical project called Yabloko Moloko and his new album "Flush". At the same time, he publishes a new edition of Boulevard and brings us a new live music show with guest artists.

#soulful #trip-hop #chill-out

The Old Store EP


Vintage Remixes

This album contains 3 explosive electro swing songs, "The Old Store" is a rare combination of disco and electro sound. "Mr. Green" sounds as a electro house with some vintage samples and "The Phantom Lady" i´ts a pure electro swing.

#tech-house #breakbeat #synth

Little Swing EP


Electro Jazz Sound

This album is composed by 4 electro swing songs. In addition, the album is characterized by a dark and powerful sound, product of the combination of vintage samples with multiple electronic and analog instruments.

#trumpet #piano #saxophone

Shadow Dancer EP


Electro Swing Music

Shadow Dancer is the Yabloko Moloko's second release. This mini album includes 3 electro swing songs. In each of them, you can see different elements of jazz music fused with house, nu-disco & breakbeat.

#disco #samples #retro

Charleston Darknight EP


Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

Yabloko Moloko. It is a new musical project by Emmanuel Bravo, and Charleston Darknight is the name of the first album. It includes five explosive songs of electro swing music.

#electro swing #house jazz #vinyl