Yabloko Moloko

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Black Samurai Electro Swing

Black Samurai

Black Samurai “First shout out of the day to Yabloko Moloko! His killer track Black Samurai is out NOW! Really stoked at […]

Electro Swing Explosive Mix #018 by Yabloko Moloko

Electro Swing Explosive Mix

Today I’m pleased to announce a new collaboration. In this case, Wolfgang Lohr (Electro Swing Thing) invited to me to participate in […]

Plastic Bop

Plastic Bop

Plastic Bop Plastic Bop is the new electro swing song by Yabloko Moloko. He continues to explore dance music sub-genres. Also in […]



Boulevard This album is officially Yabloko Moloko’s first album. Published in 2011 as Emmanuel Bravo. After a few years in the studio, […]

Little Swing

Little Swing This is a great electro swing album. The production is composed of 4 specials songs. In addition, the album has […]

Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer Shadow Dancer is the new electro swing release of Yabloko Moloko. This album includes 3 electro swing songs. Also, in […]

Charleston Darknight Limited Edition 12" REcords Vinyl

Charleston Darknight

Charleston Darknight Yabloko Moloko is the new musical project by Emmanuel Bravo and Charleston Darknight is the name of his first album. […]