Electro Swing Music by Yabloko Moloko from Barcelona

Electro Swing

Electro swing, or swing house music, is a music genre that combines the influence of vintage or modern swing and jazz mixed with house, hip hop, and EDM. Successful examples of the genre create a modern and dance-floor focused sound that is more readily accessible to the modern ear, but that also retains the energetic excitement of live brass and early swing recordings. Electro swing groups typically include singers, musicians playing traditional jazz instruments (e.g. trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone) and at least one DJ.

The term was born from the French record label Wagram Music, when in 2009 it prepared a collection of songs from the genre. However, Marcus Füreder, a member of Parov Stelar, had to have created the name long before that year. Tom Hyland, a member of The Electro Swing Circus, affirms that it is not so much a genre in itself as a trend, a style of swing within electronic music. While successful artists did not have the first intention of creating a new genre of music, that was the result, according to Chris Inglis.

The gender pursues the jazz roots of New Orleans and Chicago, preserving aggressive lows and fast rises. All of this forming a new energetic and partying rhythm that is liked by many. In this genre there are no rules other than those of good musical harmony. Reflecting that music is a universal creation that transcends borders. Then jazz is a style that developed from the traditions of West Africa, Europe and North America that found their melting pot between the African American community settled in the southern United States. And the House is a genre born in Detroit that quickly invaded the scene global.

Parov Stelar

He is a DJ born in Austria, in his productions he combines Jazz, House, Electro and Breakbeat. He is considered by many to be a pioneer of the Electro Swing style. One of his best productions in both audio and video is “Brass Devil”.

Caravan Palace

French musical group that debuted in 2008 reaching good positions in the European charts. Today recognized for their influence on the electro swing style. His most popular productions is “Lone Digger”:

Yabloko Moloko

Emmanuel Bravo (Bs.As, Argentina, 1986) is a Hispanic DJ, producer and saxophonist. Although he has introduced himself using various alias in the past, he is best known for his work as Yabloko Moloko. His career as a Dj began in 2003 working at parties in Barcelona. And quickly gained residence in a club from the same city, while also attending various clubs around Europe as a guest artist…. [read more]

Electro Swing Selection

This is a special music selection. Ideal for introducing in a Electro Swing scene. Created with love by Yabloko Moloko. It includes son of the most important electro swing artists. For example: Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Pisk, Lazlo, Klischée, Wolfgang Lohr, Phos Toni, Dirty Honkers, Swingrowers, Tape Five, Gabin, Yabloko Moloko and more[]

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