Yabloko Moloko Electro Swing Dj and Saxofonist with Pièffe DJ - Barcelona  - Napoles

Today I’m pleased to announce a new collaboration. In this case, Pièffe Dj aka Francesco Palmieri invited to me to participate in his electro swing radio show. And this is the new mixtape that we made for the Italian radio.

Electro Swing Project Napoli and Pièffe Dj

Electro Swing Project Napoli and PieffeDj, is a musical project born from the idea of Rosanna Bennardo, editor of Onda Web Radio. It is also a music blog, a mix series, YouTube channel and an ElectroSwing community. We host a series of monthly mixes by PieffeDj, with the latest ElectroSwing sound and many other DJ mix formats.

Electro Swing Radio Show #10

The mixtape is available YouTube and SoundCloud

Yabloko Moloko

Emmanuel Bravo (Bs.As, Argentina, 1986) is a Hispanic DJ, producer and saxophonist. Although he has introduced himself using various alias in the past, he is best known for his work as Yabloko Moloko. His career as a Dj began in 2003 working at parties in Barcelona. And quickly gained residence in a club from the same city, while also attending various clubs around Europe as a guest artist…. [read more]

Electro Swing Selection

This is a special music selection. Ideal for introducing in a Electronic Jazz scene. Created with love by Yabloko Moloko. It includes son of the most important electronic swing artists like: Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Pisk, Lazlo, Klischée, Wolfgang Lohr, Phos Toni, Dirty Honkers, Swingrowers, Tape Five, Gabin, Yabloko Moloko and many more… [read more]