Disco House Music Best Playlist

Disco House Selection

Dedicated to The Bicho Cocó… This playlist contains: Funky House, Soulful House, Nu Disco y some 80’s hits in original versions. Created with love by Yabloko Moloko.

The playlist includes songs of the following artists: Gregory Porter, Jamiroquai, Harvey Manson, Moloko, Cerrone, Purple Disco Machine, Moullinex, Afro Medusa, Parov Stelar, and many more…

Then, if you like Disco & House Music 💛 Follow the playlist on Spotify. Disco House Selection is updated every month with a lot of new music.

Electro Swing Selection

This is a special music selection. Ideal for introducing in a Electro Swing scene. Created with love by Yabloko Moloko. It includes son of the most important electro swing artists like: Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Pisk, Lazlo, Klischée, Wolfgang Lohr, Phos Toni, Dirty Honkers, Swingrowers, Tape Five, Gabin, Alanna Lyes, Kormac, Alice Francis, Riff Kitten, Emmanuel Bravo, Yabloko Moloko and… [read more]

Yabloko Moloko

Emmanuel Bravo (Bs.As, Argentina, 1986) is a Hispanic DJ, producer and saxophonist. Although he has introduced himself using various alias in the past, he is best known for his work as Yabloko Moloko. His career as a Dj began in 2003 working at parties in Barcelona. And quickly gained residence in a club from the same city, while also attending various clubs around Europe as a guest artist…. [read more]