Made In - Single


A woman with the word like dagger

Flush includes this new single called "Made In" in collaboration with the poet and singer Paz Balpreda and his project Suena con Paz, where mystery, sensuality, frivolity, sex and love intersect, from a critical look at the key poetics. Paz Balpreda tells: In "Made In" I am a woman who sings to an awake spectator, I carry the lyric in front, as well as I carry my life, without tapujo although the crudest and the purest thing crosses my body ". a single that breaks the rules of the genres, all the attention is focused on the trays and the edge of the word.

A Painful Choice - Single


Sometimes i look for the answer

In "A Painful Choice" two primordial elements are produced in friction: love and death. Its link is none other than madness, a plastic mediator that mutates in the form of a relationship that opens with an ecstatic moment: a kiss as an implicit pact of toxicity. The director Andrés Borghi puts into play creatures, blood transfusions and a kind of clinic of the 30s where the fall of love, the mental coma and the grimace of pain are transmitted through the voice of Jon Others in the form of a tear. The author takes this song to the viewer the corridors of a relationship that is a limit, the experience of death while the erotic tends to its absolute realization, that is, the end.

Made In - Single


Yabloko Moloko Live & DJ Set

Yabloko Moloko is an Argentine musician and saxophonist who currently resides in Barcelona. Throughout his career as a DJ he has explored a diversity of musical styles, finally entering the world of electro swing music and electronic jazz. Yabloko Moloko offers a show that is the combination of Live and Dj Set with his piano and saxophone, and the participation of guest artists, generating in the viewer a unique experience full of energy. For all this, technically, Yabloko Moloko can be synthesized as a perfect combination of electronic dance music with jazz melodies.